The sensor to make your smartphone camera into an infrared thermometer


The technology is getting better and better every day, and now you can get your smartphone with an infrared thermometer. Most of your phones has great cameras, can go on the internet and we can even use the phone as a computer. Now, there are new sensors that can give you even more usage out of your phone.

Smartphone as a helpful tool

Most of us are having smartphones by now. The other phones are outdated and need to be replaced. The term smartphone means actually that the phone is quite “smart”. The phone can do all sorts of new things that even some computers can’t do.

An example is the new sensor that is on the newest

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How to Choose the Best Thermal Infrared Camera?

How to Choose the Best Thermal Infrared Camera?

Prices of the thermal infrared camera are quite pricy. You don’t want to buy something that are not of a good quality or something you are not going to need. When you are buying a thermal camera, you should know how to choose the best camera that you can afford. Here are some of the tips that you should consider on how to choose the best thermal infrared camera.

Doing some research

The first and most important thing that you should do when you want to buy a thermal infrared camera is to do some research and see what models are the best to buy and which are not recommended to buy. You should also do some research and … Read the rest

Can a Thermal Camera detect a Lie?

Can a Thermal Camera detect a Lie?

We can use thermal cameras for various reasons. But can you use a thermal camera to detect if a person is lying. It is getting more popular to use the thermal camera to detect lying. It can be of great help to law informants to see if a suspect is lying or not. see more uses of thermal camera’s by clicking here.How can a thermal camera be used to detect a lie and are it really affective?

How can a thermal camera detect a lie?

When a person is lying there are changes in the person’s emotions. Some of the changes of emotions will be that of blinking eyes, wrinkling of the nose and dilating pupils. The thermal … Read the rest

What Is Thermal Imaging Camera?

What Is Thermal Imaging Camera?

Technology is great, and with the thermal imaging camera, it is getting easier to detect any abnormalities in the body. There are so many reasons, why it is necessary to detect any abnormalities in the body, early enough, and with this camera it can be easier. But, what is the thermal imaging camera and what you use the thermal imaging camera for?

Thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera is a camera where you can take picture of infrared radiation. The camera shows heat and temperature. The thermal imaging camera is also called a TIC. The camera can take pictures of things that are normally not visible to the human eye. We can’t see infrared radiation and … Read the rest

Can Digital Thermal Imaging Camera Detect Breast Cancer?

Can Digital Thermal Imaging Camera Detect Breast Cancer?

With all the new technology, and with a digital thermal imaging camera, it can be easier to detect breast cancer, pain free. But, how does it actually works, and can it really detect breast cancer faster?

Here are all the answers about the thermal imaging camera and detecting breast cancer.

How does the Thermal imaging camera works?

There are a lot of questions among us that doesn’t know exactly how the thermal imaging camera works. It can be quite scary to go for a breast scan and you don’t know what to expect. With this information, it will be less scary to go for a scan with the thermal imaging camera.

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Vicks Baby Thermometer

Vicks Baby Thermometer

The Vicks Baby Thermometer is designed specifically for measuring rectal temperatures of babies. Its compact design is easy to hold and the short probe helps guard against over insertion.

The Vicks Rectal Baby Thermometer –

One of three in the Vicks Life Stages series of thermometers – has gained a fair degree of reputation, for both its ease of use and its sleek design.

It won а 2005 Medical Design Excellence Award, and was described on the Medical Device Link website as follows:

The Vicks Baby Thermometer is designed for safer and easier rectal temperature measurement in babies. Its compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and control, while the large display makes viewing easy. The short probe … Read the rest

Best Ear Thermometer – A Look at the Top 3

Best Ear Thermometer – A Look at the Top 3

Best Ear Thermometer – A Look at the Top 3As а parent Ι know how scary it can be when your child is running a high fever. You are constantly assessing their temperature to make sure it doesn’t get too high. I’ve bought several thermometers over the years for our kids and some are better than others. Taking a kid’s temperature, especially if they are little ones who are tired and cranky is not easy.

The new digital ear thermometers and armpit varieties are much easier than trying to get a reading in the mouth of a 2 year old, but what is the best ear thermometer?

Ear thermometers are fast (sometimes giving you а reading in about 1 second), but they can be tricky to use and … Read the rest

About the Different Types of Thermometers

About the Different Types of Thermometers

There are as many types of thermometers as there are uses for them: body thermometers, cooking thermometers,infrared thermometers and temperature thermometers for both indoor and outdoor use are just some of the many types employed either commercially or around the house.

Body thermometers

Body thermometersBody or clinical thermometers are used to measure a body’s individual temperature. These thermometers are used in homes to check on the health of family members and friends. These thermometers come in oral style, tympanic, pacifier and forehead versions. Most clinical thermometers are digital, as mercury based thermometers pose significant health risks.visit for more info on human body normal temperature range.

Cooking thermometers

Cooking thermometersCooking thermometers come in a variety of styles like digital, pop-up … Read the rest